Cat Toy Wire Chaser Wand Teaser Feather With Bell Beads

  • £11.99 GBP


Material: Metal. Plastic, plush feather.
FUN ADDICTIVE ENTICING FOR CATS: The wild wonder wand with nice feathers and shiny sparklers keep them intrigued.  nylon flexible string and aerodynamically configured feathers with bell that mimic the action of a REAL bird in flight.
SAFETY SECURITY TO THE WAND: Your cat will adore the real feathers on this. This toy uses a chicken and rooster feathers to entice your cat into playing.
PUT AN END TO KITTEN BOREDOM: Cats are obsessed with this toy.
HEALTHY EXERCISE: Cats are happiest and healthiest emotionally, physically, and mentally when they are in touch with their basic hunting instincts. This is a fantastic toy to interact with your kitty for play and exercise. Pouncing its feathers look, sound, and feel like real bird wings.